Star Talisman

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We begin with craft

Your entrance into this program begins with a custom crafted Star Talisman, your personal Astrological Chart drawn with reference quality accuracy, and planetary aspects stitched in silken thread.

I create for you this, as a magical artifact to use in your prayers and rituals.

It's effectiveness increases the more you understand it and can correlate it to the movement to the celestial dynamics happening around you in reference to the moment of your birth. The more you can move into when, where, how, how often to what extent to use it because it's not just magic that you don't have to understand in order to wield, you do have to understand it and the more you understand, the more accurately and powerfully you can use it.


become intimate with your own natal chart and harness it’s power as a personal talisman

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Why do you call it an talisman?

becoming intimate with your birth chart is a force of protection and agency in your life because in this moment of your greatest power, you transitioned from another dimension into this dimension. That is the moment of your greatest health, of your greatest balance, you were in such a state of equilibrium, power, force, will - when a being is in such a meditative state that you caused the magic of existence to happen.

if that's not magic then nothing is. a being comes into this dimension from another dimension that we don't know where it is, we don't actually know where humans come from, but if there is such thing as magic that is the clearest indication that we have, of magic, that our bodies perform, this moment when you entered into this dimension from another one, and the configuration that was around you at the time is like a fingerprint, nobody else owns it. 

Thus, when I craft a magical artifact out of this moment in space and time that is you, I am not working this art out of my own self. I surrender my body and my being to the cosmos, to the ultimate, to the life force, and I craft this living chart out of the moment of your birth and when it leaves my hands, it becomes fully yours, and fully useful to you.

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La practicá

My dear friend of years ago danced Argentinian Tango with her life, she was a professional tango dancer, and she also lived and breathed this movement in all of her being and with all of her life. It is her truest passion. Argentinian Tango dances are called, Practicá’s, no matter how many nights a week they get together to dance, each time, it is considered practice. That is because any art form requires practice to master, and also practice to fully devote oneself to it. And so, our practicá:

that's the practice and the course is about teaching the practice, I've used it for is to move forward in my life in ways that make sense, to dodge bullets and take advantage of opportunities and to pray and then to make all of that work for your life in profound ways that seem to defy nature, but in reality, it’s learning to align yourself with nature, and this is how we are meant to be living, because we are one with our environment, we are nature, so when we move in harmony with her, all of our life make sense and events can unfold in ways we never thought possible to bring us into alignment with what we want and the lives we actually mean to be living.