the birth of vision

The review I recently received from Rowan Leona, of Fourth Branch Studios, talks about the artist I mean to be, the artist I will be in the future, the artist she somehow perceived in the work she commissioned me to create last autumn. These words speak to the artist I reach and I stretch to be, each time my tools touch earth, and I fall short every time. 

“Before writing a review of a work of art crafted with such nuance and intuition, I wanted to live for a season under its spell. I commissioned Eve to commemorate the 9th anniversary of finding my soulmate, and the first year of our full-time entrepreneurship together with a work based on the combination of our natal charts. The result was an unexpected painting, the mark of truly channeled art.”

“Across a landscape glowing with surreal color, an evergreen forest stretches to distant mountains, branches bathed in iridescent light from a haunting crescent moon hung low in the sky. The planets of this solar system are set in their positions at sunset on the day my beloved and I confessed our love to each other, in reverse, as if reflected in a lover’s eyes.

A wizened oak stands in the fore, as brilliant cumulus clouds in orange and pink roil across the sky, deepening to purple and celestial blue as they did that day.”

“In the center, a window, like a seeing stone revealing secrets, bears a swinging pocket watch in black and white. In this Eve charted in stitched thread, not our individual birth charts overlapping, but the points between our astrological signatures, the whole that is more than the sum of its parts, the twin flame union that exists in the liminal space between times and worlds.

With uncanny perception, and no prior knowledge of our history, the mystical star-reader Eve, divined symbols and dynamics that exist in our soul-story, creating a work that is not only strikingly beautiful, but also intimately encoded.

Since hanging it in our studio, we have experienced the pull of the stitches drawing us together, reminding us of the profound mysteries and power of souls entering the earthly plane at precise moments of alignment, and what we are truly here to do together in the greater Stories in which our lives are entwined. Our relationship has strengthened and transformed, and our business has bloomed under the benevolent love spell so lovingly wrought for us.

Eve is a treasure as an intuitive artist ~ what you will receive from her, should you choose to accept it, is a living blessing imbued with the power of intention and cosmic design, and that is truly priceless.”

Rowan Leona, Fourth Branch Studios

What it is to have vision: you always miss your aim. 

To actualize form into physical reality: it’s never what you thought it was, it’s never how you saw it in your imagination because imagination has no bounds. But phenomenal  reality has boundaries, it has limitations, so when you manifest a dream or a vision, it is not the same as the dream, it's not the same as the vision. It moves through a veil and it encounters physicality, and it changes. 

It becomes it's own thing. 

It moves into this reality by way of a birth. You give birth to a thing here, but on the other side, the place where you met it, it was ethereal. It was spirit, it was boundless, it had form but that form could shift and move. It had form like light has form. It could concentrate itself into a single point, into a collection of points, or it could disburse and merge back into the infinite. 

Sometimes we find the grace to apprehend that knitted light before it disperses and birth it into our world. On occasion, we perform this feat for someone like Rowan, who sees what it is that we have done, and gives it a voice. Thank you for speaking words unspeakable on my behalf, dear Friend. I will live the rest of my life with you words ever before my eyes. 

Eve Star