The Rainbow Taurs of Eighteen Moons

taurs 1.jpg

Where are we?

she asked him, though she knew he understood as little as she did

Taurs 2.jpg

You are in the World between Worlds

said a voice from behind them

taurs 3.jpg

They turned toward the voice speaking behind them

and saw not a man or a woman

taurs 4.jpg

but a speckled fox-like creature with rainbow colored fur

and long golden horns

taurs 5.jpg

And beside this rainbowed fox, another

smaller, smiling largely and gazing into the sky

Taurs 6.jpg

She sent her elbow into his left rib

- don’t stare -

it’s not polite

Taurs 7.jpg

Tell us about the moons please?


Taurs 8.jpg

At this question the smaller creature returned it’s gaze to the larger

as it began to speak

taurs 9.jpg

This world is called the Land of Eighteen Moons

one moon for each of the eighteen worlds in this realm

Taurs 10.jpg

The eighteen moons lead to the eighteen worlds in our realm

Seven of the moons are full

and two of these are spinning

Taurs 11.jpg

These worlds are easily reached but travel there is unpredictable

particularly the spinning worlds

Taurs 12.jpg

Eight of the moons are crescent white

reaching these worlds is immensely difficult

Taurs 13.jpg

Traveling these worlds requires knowledge you do not have

and the ability to acquire correct wisdom along the way

Taurs 14.jpg

And finally, the three dark moons

two are crescent black and one is full

Taurs 15.jpg

You can only reach the full black moon after traveling through both crescents

and you cannot go without a guide

Taurs 16.jpg

Must we go?

asked the boy

You are our only hope, they said

Taurs 17.jpg

And how will we ever find the way?

he asked again

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