when I found myself at sea

I learned to gaze upon the fixed stars. I gaze upon the Fixed Stars when I study Astrology, Astronomy, Aesthetic Cartography, and Celestial Geometry and I also gaze on the fixed stars in my soul - the knowing inside myself I can perceive, create friendship with and orient to. 

I have a gift and it is not with my finances. Nevertheless, to do this work, I must pay to play. This life is a gamble, so I figure the surest thing to gamble on is myself, so I offer the world hand painted espresso and watercolor postcards in simplicity and utility and pleasure. I am in love with the elegance of this form, with the intrinsic function of traveling the world built into the expression, into my chosen parameters of making the beautiful thing, also useful. Jack White discusses restriction and how limitations in the production of a work of art fuels creativity - it crystalizes the essence - and this limitation of a 4" x 6" postcard that I somehow stumbled upon, delights me to my toes. Splash some espresso on it and I am surrendered. I love this beauty. This unfolding design of the contents of my life, this manifestation of my confines; of my lack and of my bounty. 

Awakening in the dawn of this virtual age, I witnessed my culture forgetting the stargazing knowledge, the wisdom of it's lore, so I started making maps. Maps; my unction to teach, my desire to inspire, my pure need to share vision in images and mumblings of spirit in unknown tongues, to bring them back to waking life and begin the work of translation. 

Each of these pieces of art are original paintings, never the same twice, they are alive as transport to carry the nourishment I mined in the spirit world, to bring it home, to feed my family. And each of these pieces could be damaged, scarred, or even destroyed in their travels - such is our impermanence. Archival art is a fantasy, no such thing, we live in matter, if a thing stops moving then a thing stops living - my art is alive, and what is more mobile than a postcard? What is more dynamic and travel weary than a map? 

so learn the maps with me - they lead to safe places. Learn to listen, the way of women, the way of the feminine god, learn tao which is to say, learn nature. Nature offers infinite patterns, nestle into them with me, learn to draw sacred geometry and heal your mind. Learn magic.

Lesson one: if you desire to learn magic, paint a ship in the sky. This is a metaphor for exploring and expressing contrast, from which all things are created. We find each element of the periodic table in the solar wind, the wave of star life exploding off it’s surface when a positive charge finds a negative charge and their mating ribbons fire out into space like seraphim before the throne.

From these elements, we are created.

We are the children of polarity, all life is born of contrast, and we see this extrapolated into our very biology. My Father taught me to love ships, to love the ocean, where he found my mother. They are the canvas I paint these ships upon and the fire set in my imagination and they do not follow my work. My Father is afraid I will starve and my Mother is afraid of Astrology and it breaks my heart open every day so I paint masterpieces with their pigments spilling out of my heart and all over my life. Five years now I have built this, and today I stand on the threshold of it's return, of it paying my full income and from there, what I can build for my future and my family and as many people as my work can touch in my lifetime. This moment feels alive like birth, eyes wide, everything and everyone around me pulsing with life, this is really happening and how fragile it is and also how strong.

I sit on this ring in space where I do not belong, my tail longing for the wild current of ocean I remember as my home, but I am a traveler and the view is spectacular. I travel where the currents take me, whether water or star, and I make record of the view to share with as many people as possible, to send as far as we can conceive across this globe because connection is life. Because connection is life, I weave this web of vision that passes through me across the planet we share, our glorious bounty we steward, and may we find the connection to steward her well.

May we learn reverence as reverence engulfs us

And may we encounter one another by chance and by magic, in person and in the post. My love to you all, Eve. 

Eve Star