Star Talisman

Star Talisman


Awakening the ancient tradition of building Prayer Altars, we manifest our inner temples in real space for the practice of prayer, mediation and magic. Re-imagining these deep, still wells of our ancestry, we decorate our holy places with items precious to our practice and our requests. We bring *stones and plants * feathers and leaves * bones and hair * words and images*

With joy, I offer my gifts to your Holy Space, as custom designed astrological artwork, energizing your practice with prayers originating out of your birth moment - a moment so saturated with life force energy as to thrust your spirit into form - a living human creature.

The Star Talisman exhilarates the life force of the vessel through which the prayer arrives in this dimension (you), focusing the intent of your prayers, meditations and rituals. These qualities are especially beneficial when calling on your own inner fire, life force energy, personal beliefs, and innate healing potential.

The 13” x 16” hand drawn Star Talisman, delivers your personal magic to the query of your choosing and arrives to you hand drawn in contrasting black and white, and framed in simple elegance. I include a hand drawn glyph legend to help you translate Astrological Language into English, as an aid to learning to read an Astrological Chart for yourself.

These Star Talismans provide reference quality accuracy of the planet’s location in degree, minute and second, along side a hand drawn Glyph Legend to help you translate Astrological Language into English, as a permanent aid to your ongoing Astrological Education.

You may contact me at [email protected] with questions, inspirations and inquiries.

|| alternative sizes and colors available upon request, pricing varies ||

starting at 275.

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