Astrological Portraiture

Astrological Portraiture


Astrological Portraiture is a divinatory technique yielding an archival landscape painting of the planets from a time in space you choose to honor through collaborative visual ritual. I create these pieces with the intention of imparting spiritual insight within visual beauty, as a transmission of sacred astrological healing. These moments, myriad as our imagination include but are not limited to;

a birth, an anniversary, a chance meeting, true love’s unveiling, an engagement, a wedding, a new business, unfolding friendship, death, loss, a happenstance, a great success, endings and beginnings alike - all are welcome in this manifestation of time into Fine Art.

Portrait compositions blend astrological charts with earth landscapes, planets set in accurate placement within the stars of the Zodiac, planetary landscapes, cosmic landscapes and expressions of nature in the four elements of the Zodiac - Earth, Air, Fire and Water. I receive vision for the composition of your Portrait as I meditate on your astrological information and the corresponding chart/s, though I welcome requests for preferred images and iconography.

A time frame for completion of these pieces is unpredictable, due to the nature of receiving vision, and my current process needs at least one month to complete the work. Standard sizes include 18” x 18” and 18” x 24”.

| framing and alternative sizes available upon request |

|| these intimately custom works of fine art start at 6000. and are priced by the piece. I am offering one piece for the 2019 Holidays, and will have more availability for these pieces in the coming year, 2020. ||

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