Book your Astrological Reading, with Eve

Book your Astrological Reading, with Eve

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Welcome to Star Craft Astrological Readings, with Eve Star!

I am excited to awaken deeper into our arrival on this enchanted Planet, during our time together. My readings are available in person and virtual, and you may email me at

[email protected]

with any questions.

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Custom Designed Astrological Artwork

re-envision your own place among the stars

I offer two pieces of Astrological Art, as a package with your Reading, to assist in visualizing and learning the language of Astrology for yourself, in reference to your own Natal Chart. This package includes your personal Natal Chart, as an original custom work of art and Star Craft Natal Chart, and a 12” x 12” fine art reproduction of my first Illuminative Illustration, Wheel in the Sky.

I also offer the custom drawn Star Craft Natal Chart and Petite Star Craft Natal Chart with your Reading.