Battery Park Book Exchange

"The Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar offers the marriage of two of earth’s finest pleasures, books and wine, side by side. Pursue thousands of books in dozens of categories while sipping a fine wine, sparkling wine or Champagne." - Asheville's Grove ARcade

What a pleasure to offer my Fine Art Cards in this Old World Labyrinth of a Book shop. The espresso is divine, and featured on my "Rocket Ships and Lace" Series, as well as the sign atop Evening Star Maps Card spinner. 

Enjoy Espresso, Wine, champagne, Charcuterie, Desserts and Remember to buy a book!

Dogs Welcome!

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Fox And Beaux Boutique

Fox and Beaux Boutique, located in Bustling downtown ASheville, NC, offers a breathtaking selection of handmade, raw jemstone jewelry. Delicate, Precise; for fae and fancy, chic and rugged, Lauren's designs sparkle in the eyes of all who behold them. she personally selects all her jemstones from ethically sourced suppliers, intent on the highest quality. 

I am personally honored to offer my "Rocket Ships and Lace" series among these wearable, remnants of the stars! 


Fox and Beaux Boutique on Google Maps