Virginia Rosenburg

Intuitive Astrologer and Movement Artist of Asheville, NC; Virginia offers a rare integration of scholarship and embodied intuition, blossoming from the center of her heart. I am personally honored to know her and walk forward into the coming unknown beside this resilient and brave ally. 

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Steve Judd

Steve Judd, Astrologer of Bath, England, offers intelligent and witty celestial discourses, diligently deliberate to avoid descending into New Age astro-speak.  His study and practice of 35 years with over 30,000 readings, yields a wide range of experience to anyone interested in the field, along with free weekly, monthly, and yearly videos, offering insights to a wide audience of Astrological students, practitioners, and curiousos.

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David Cochrane

David Cochrane, a creator of Kepler and Sirius Astrological Software, approaches Astrology from a Scientific background, and as such, is invaluable as we propel our field forward into a future where Astrology and Astronomy once again, merge into a cohesive discipline.  He provides Vibrational/Harmonic Astrology education, an approach offered to the world by, as Carl Sagan ascribes him, the first Astrophysicist and the last Scientific Astrologer, Johannes Kepler; key figure of the 17th Century Scientific Revolution.  David also offers Astrological software education, Astrological history and mythology, Vedic Astrology, financial Astrology, research, extreme case sampling and much more.

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Rick Levine

Thorough monthly forecasts, lavish with Astronomy, Astrology, Mythology, History, current events, and insights on all levels.  

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Galactic Rabbit

"Horoscopes and Love magic."

And poetry to pierce and fill and transmute your very soul; (if you please)

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The International Celestial Reference System measures the position of Celestial objects from their gravitational center, or barycenter, which is the gravitational center between Sun and it's binary, Jupiter.


Based on planetary and lunar ephemeris developed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Swiss Ephemeris compiles planetary positions from our observational center on earth for 9000 years.


The Astrotheme Chart Calculator provides multiple varieties of quick chart calculations for 6000 years including the chart of Right Now and the current transits chart of your chosen date.


this beautiful live calculator shows the position of the planets spinning around the Sun in real time.