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Before writing a review of a work of art crafted with such nuance and intuition, i wanted to live for a season under its spell. I commissioned Eve to commemorate the 9th anniversary of finding my soulmate, and the first year of our full-time entrepreneurship together, with a work based on the combination of our natal charts. The result was an unexpected painting, the mark of truly channeled art.

Across a landscape glowing with surreal color, an evergreen forest stretches to distant mountains, branches bathed in iridescent light from a haunting crescent moon hung low in the sky. The planets of this solar system are set in their positions at sunset on the day my beloved and i confessed our love to each other, in reverse, as if reflected in a lover’s eyes.

A wizened oak stands in the fore, as brilliant cumulus clouds in orange and pink roil across the sky, deepening to purple and celestial blue as they did that day. In the center, a window, like a seeing stone revealing secrets, bears a swinging pocket watch in black and white.

In this Eve charted in stitched thread, not our individual birth charts overlapping, but the points between our astrological signatures, the whole that is more than the sum of its parts, the twin flame union that exists in the liminal space between times and worlds.

With uncanny perception, and no prior knowledge of our history, the mystical star-reader Eve, divined symbols and dynamics that exist in our soul-story, creating a work that is not only strikingly beautiful, but also intimately encoded.

Since hanging it in our studio, we have experienced the pull of the stitches drawing us together, reminding us of the profound mysteries and power of souls entering the earthly plane at precise moments of alignment, and what we are truly here to do together in the greater Stories in which our lives are entwined. Our relationship has strengthened and transformed, and our business has bloomed under the benevolent love spell so lovingly wrought for us.

Eve is a treasure as an intuitive artist ~ what you will receive from her, should you choose to accept it, is a living blessing imbued with the power of intention and cosmic design, and that is truly priceless.

Rowan Leona, Fourth Branch Studios

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It’s rare, almost never I’ve come across an artist such as Eve who can reveal creativity, imagination, beauty, and passion swept up into one painting. I have always enjoyed looking at beautiful pieces of art and have collected multiple pieces throughout my years traveling abroad seeking unique scenes that have captured a moment, culture, or feeling of being present wherever I may be.   

Eve’s ability to invoke a heartfelt emotional response to a commissioned piece of art I asked her to create as a wedding gift to my husband, stands alone as one of the most original/precious pieces to date.  Her kind approach - taking the time to understand and getting to know her clients (often scarce today) is how she begins to unravel a poetic story alongside her astrological knowledge, and romantic artistic ability.  Her meticulous attention to detail and inner drive of perfectionism pushes her pieces to an ingenious level that will undoubtedly leave you speechless capturing a feeling that is unexplainable.

This piece as you can see, the chart hanging from the moon like a timepiece is my husband and I’s composite chart. The cosmic scene is Eve’s visualization of the positions of the American Continent, Planet Earth, Sun(shine), Venus, Mars, and Moon (in its phase) on the night we met, as the Sun and Venus set in the west, and the Moon and Mars appeared overhead.  The constellation of bright stars around Mars is Sagittarius, under the moon is Gemini, and below is Virgo with the twinkling star as Spica, one of the brightest stars in our night sky and a primary star used in celestial navigation.

Her interpretation of ‘The night we met’ captured everything I was looking for in this one of a kind, exclusive piece.  I do have to mention, on a personal level, which can be said about a lot of people but, Eve is truly a person who’ll bring a smile to your day.  I smile every day as I pass the wall where this exquisite piece is displayed in my house.

Jaime Robinson, Astrological Portraiture

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I received my Star Map today and it is absolutely one of my most precious gifts!   I am grateful that the stars were aligned and that I was able to meet you!  I look at your work and can hear your words, “This is YOU, right as you entered into this world....”.  And there is something so affirming and special about that.  I can’t wait to listen back to the recording with the map!  

Continue to shine your energy and gifts with the world!  Know that you’ve created a piece of my being through art, and I am in awe of it all.  

Until next time,

Jaime Warkonyi, Astrology Noir Star Map

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Eve creates custom "Star Maps": stunning, hand-crafted, symphonic depictions of the night sky for any special moment in time, utilizing espresso and other creative painting mediums to weave celestial magic with outrageous beauty and enormous vision. I am a HUGE fan of this profound woman and her work, if you can't already tell. 💫💜, Kelli, Kells