Illuminative Illustrations

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In my essential nature, I am a teacher. With my work as a Painter and an Astrologer, I teach Observational Astronomy for Astrologers.

I give readings and teach alongside Illuminative Illustrations, to visually interpret and understand the observed patterns Astrology relies upon, and to organize those patterns, inherent in nature, into human language.

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I teach with visuals, through art because what we are discussing is a visual phenomena. It is not a linguistic phenomenon, it is not a psychological phenomenon. It is physical. It is natural. It comes to us through spirit, and it affects us as spirit, because we are spirit. It affects us psychologically because we are psychological beings, but it is not psychological in nature. It is not fundamentally psychological, it is not fundamentally linguistic. It is fundamentally visible and alive. It is three dimensional, it is multi dimensional, it is natural. It is the magic and the miracle of the phenomenal world pulsing alive in every instance of time and space. It’s not about our feelings, it’s not about our careers, it’s not about our children, it’s not about our money, it's not about our future, it's not about our past. It’s not about me and it’s not about you, but it speaks to us and it holds answers to the questions we are seeking, and all the more if we seek it for what it truly is, rather than for what it can do for us.

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This principal exists in many fields, in Daoism, we seek the essence, the essential nature of Life.

This is Dao.

I first learned this way of interacting with the metaphysical aspects of my life, when I was in the Church. I spent my twenties in a tiny, mystical tribe of worshippers, who also happened to be Christians. Most people go to church looking for something missing from their lives, most people seek God because they want something from a force they perceive as benevolent and all powerful. And as we all know, the outcomes are not ever what we wanted them to be. This became quickly evident to me, and I was fortunate to be among such wide hearted lovers of God, that we came to understand together, the gift is in the knowing, he whom we sought. 

I want to know you, for who you are, to yourself. 


This is Love.

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I eventually left Christianity, as my path with Spirit meandered down windy, dark and unfamiliar ways - my hands too full of green things to carry my bible any further. Here, in my first immersion into our enchanted, phenomenal world, I learned again, the same lesson of the plants I sought healing from. I use a plant we all know to illustrate the point: Echinacea.


Echinacea is not for colds.

Native people on this Continent, actually use Echinacea for snake bite. This potent plant medicine does indeed strengthen the human immune system, though in it’s essence, Echinacea is a distinct, living biological creature on this planet, existing for itself, and in relationship to others in its environment. Echinacea is a plant, it is not pill. This perspective is an essential medicine to a endemic sickness in our culture that seeks the simplest answers to the most complex of problems, so we can get back to work.

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And the same applies to Astrology.

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Mercury is not simply a term that symbolizes my intellect and communication skills. This is one aspect of Mercury and our human relationship to it. But in it’s essence, Mercury is a planet. Mercury has it’s own nature, ancient history and phenomenal existence, and this fundamental awareness is essential to our unfolding knowledge of our place alongside him. 

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