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Astrological Readings

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 Integrating my skill as a Visual Artist with the language of Astrology and the observations of Astronomy, together we infuse our reading with the Spirit of Nature herself, since we are after all, experiencing a visual, natural phenomena. From this place, we feel your Astrological Chart through the portal of our imaginations, as I paint for you an image with words, of the skies above and below you, at the moment of your choosing.

And from this numinous place in time where we both meet, together we receive wisdom and insight for the treasures you are seeking.

I offer 30, 60, and 90 minute Astrological Readings in person as well as virtually, via Skype, Facetime or telephone.

Initial consultations/natal chart readings

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These readings are ideal if you have not previously received a Natal Chart reading. We will look at the birth origins of your personal gifts as well as your personal challenges. Additionally, we will explore your past or recent past, your present moment, and your future trajectory. Options for this reading also include illumination of auspicious timing for your days ahead.

Planetary Transits and Natal Chart Readings.


Readings for Relationships

In these readings, we look at the celestial nature of all kinds of relationships, though primarily intimate and familial. Also included are: business, friendship, as well as relationship with place. We will compare the birth charts of all parties considered, as well as combine these charts into one, as the energies of two people combined create a single entity, this social collaboration is also represented by it’s own Astrological Chart.

Synastry and Composite Chart Readings.

For these readings, we will need explicit permission to look at another person’s Natal Chart.


Astrology and Geography: Relationship with Place

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For those curious about certain locations where relationships or situations may grow or experience difficulty, I offer Astrological Readings for your Relationship with Place. Whether you are considering a future move, deciding where to travel for business or for pleasure, seeking understanding for places you have lived, where events have unfolded, or any other considerations around your relationship with a place.

Synastry, Composite and Astrocartography Chart Readings.