Immortal Art


“Oh honey, artist’s don’t get famous until they die.”

- Doris Sutherlin, my Grandmother.

backyard live paint.jpg

“That’s the point, Grandmammy - Immortality. Not fame.”

Immortality. It’s why we make art.

I make art for immortality; for mine and for yours. I create for the very survival of our species, that we may live on

and on and on and on.

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live painting.jpeg
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My mother birthed me into this life with a paintbrush in my hand and all through my childhood and teenage years, I made art.

After University, I took a dynamic turn in a new direction as the plant world suddenly and fully enchanted my imagination. Instead of painting, I studied, worked and experimented with this new botanical awareness, of what it is to be a human creature embedded in a living and conscious environment. During those years, I dreamed of moving away from the city and into the forest, to fall headlong forever into the trees and the soil and the stars. But before that happened, the Plant Kingdom itself reminded me of my gifts and I returned to my paintbrush for the first time in a decade and painted this, my own Astrological Star Map:

Love has no cause.jpg

My plant communion had revealed to me the best of who I am in this life, as an artist and a painter.

I saw how much I wanted to give that part of myself to the Phenomenal World, in dynamic cooperation with the life force flowing through me, and that giving this authentic work would be the most potent offering, for what humanity needs in this time.

That was five years ago, and from that day to this, I have invested every moment of time, every dollar and every dime, all of my heart and all of my mind, to this work. I have risked everything for this work; it is all I have - no savings, no assets, no family of my own. I have this work and I give this work to the world in assurance, believing that if I support humanity with the fullness of who I am, then humanity will support me in return, in this time of so desperate a peril. 

And so, I tell my stories to the world, because I am an artist and that is our job - to unveil our hearts to all of humanity. This is the torment of being an artist; the complete and relentless unveiling of a heart, naked on a stage for all the world to see. So much of my story is, from the very beginning, inhabiting a nervous system that experiences vast landscapes of human consciousness and what it is to hold that space and not only to keep my mind in tact, but also to make beauty from it, so that we are all connected. To choose the life of an artist is to offer oneself as a bridge for humanity, so that we remain connected to one another, so that we are not alone. Art is not a pretty picture, it is not a pretty song. Beauty and art are the vehicles of connection, the antidotes to loneliness, to being alone, for a human to be alone is death. 

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Here we stand together in human flesh, on this threshold of the pervasive Internet, full Automation, and a rapidly evolving Artificial Intelligence.

We stand in our humanity to receive the future, and I stand beside you with my paintbrush and my raw materials hewn from this breathing Earth.

Earth 2018, as we walk out our days within this dominant reality like a Matrix, we integrate the coming tide of technology with the ever alive human soul, and we make Art, my friends - We Make Art.